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The Fisherman’s Blues House is located in an old street in Bairro da Aguda, an area of Architectural Heritage classified for its ensemble and history as the Old Nucleus of Aguda.

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Recently restored by the architect César Moreira, there are 2 main areas inside the building, a social area, on the ground floor, for guests, and a reserved area, with 6 suites, on the 2 upper floors.

In the backyard, a magnificent courtyard has been maintained that communicates with the social areas. The house also offers a fully equipped kitchen and fireplace.

A few meters from the beach, restaurants, bars and, for fish lovers, from Lota da Aguda you can take walks along the wonderful walkways or travel by train.

With strong swells, this beach is also sought after for surfing or underwater fishing lovers for the many specimens that take shelter in its rocky bottoms.

Located 18 km from Porto, it also has points of interest such as the Miramar Golf Club and the Granja Swimming Pool with salt water.


Check in after 3pm

Check-out until 11:00 am


The living room is a very important space in a house, as it is where we welcome our guests and spend time together as a family. 

To make this environment even more cozy, we chose to have a clean and minimalist design and a soft color palette, such as salmon, ecru, and beige, which offers a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

In addition, it is important to have adequate lighting, with indirect lights that provide a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

The room works in an “open space” logic where we privilege the connection between the kitchen, the living room and the dining room.

Furniture is also very important in the modern and cozy living room. 

Pillows and blankets are great options to make the environment even more beautiful and inviting.

The connection with the courtyard makes the room wider and more versatile, favoring unforgettable moments of conviviality.

The living room stove is a decorative element that can provide both a cozy atmosphere and a source of heat.

We provide 50kg of firewood to each group of guests per stay.



The kitchen, where we prepare our meals and spend most of our time at home. 
Being an open space cohabiting with the living room, it is modern and practical with an elegant design.
Its beautiful and functional design, in addition to good circulation space, makes working in the kitchen easier and more efficient.


Natural light during the day coming from the patio is always welcome, but it is important to have well-distributed artificial lighting, with ceiling lamps and directional lighting for the work areas, such as the worktop and stove.

Appliances are also a key element in a modern kitchen.

Well equipped with a stove, oven, fridge, microwave and coffee machine, our kitchen design took into account the size of the circulation spaces and the needs of our guests. In addition, all appliances have good energy efficiency, in the sense of reducing energy costs.



Maximum 10 guests

Pets are not allowed


The rooms, where we spend most of our time, it is essential that they are welcoming and comfortable.

For this, our choice was to invest in good finishes in wood and painted brick, which bring a feeling of coziness and modernity at the same time.

We also have rooms with a balcony, which can be a pleasant space to relax, read a book or even work from home. 

The balcony also lets in natural light, which is great for making the room brighter and more airy.

For those who need a space to work at home, all our rooms are equipped with a work desk.

The suites are equipped with complete bathrooms decorated with the best finishes.

In addition, all have careful and soft lighting provided by table lamps. Sheets and towel sets are provided in all rooms. (can be changed upon request)



An outdoor cloister-like patio with wood finishes and a cement floor is a charming option for those looking for a harmonious, elegant and reserved space.

In the case of our outdoor patio, the area was created through the wooden structure that delimits the space and creates a welcoming feeling. 

The wood has been varnished to resist weathering and maintain its natural beauty.

Cement flooring was a practical and durable choice for an outdoor patio. 

The large table with six chairs, as well as the bench structure for sitting, provide moments of true conviviality.